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Two Races, Two Points, Four Different Feature Winners Set Up For An Exciting Night at Sunset Speedway

Posted on: August 31st, 2019

Innisfil, ON – Two races, Two points, four different feature winners, five different race tracks across Ontario, set the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series up for an exciting end of the season. All season long, all eyes have been on your consistent top three, Kevin Gallant, Jay Doerr and Connor James. Although, over the course of the last couple of weeks, we have seen some drastic changes.

Doerr and the 40 team were not in attendance at Flamboro Speedway, leaving Chad McGlynn and the 18 team sitting in third after their win at Sauble Speedway. Kevin Gallant did pick up the win at Flamboro, now putting him top of the leader board in points over James.

After an incident on track, we were under the impression that the 77 of Alvin McNicol would be done for the season. As we are one practice underway at Sunset Speedway, the 77 team pulls in ready for redemption. They currently sit fourth in points behind McGlynn. With Hryniuk sitting in fifth.

With two races left, and points being as tight as they are, we are set up for an exciting 100 laps. Each one of our drivers are ready to give it their all, as it is anyone’s shot in the top five to be crowned the 2019 Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Champion.

Tonight, racing starts at 5pm, as we are joined by Mini Stocks, Bone Stocks and Outlaw Midgets at Sunset Speedway. Connor James is ready for redemption and looking for win number three, while Gallant and McGlynn are sitting quietly ready to pounce.

Kevin Gallant Leads Green to Checkered, Picking Up First Win of the Season

Posted on: August 22nd, 2019

Flamborough, ON – This past Saturday, the LOSC Series made their first appearance at Flamboro Speedway. With your championship points being so close, your top five brought their A game, everyone eyeing victory lane.

Last season’s champion, Steve Arrand and the 54 team showed speed in practice, setting fast time. With the team not attending Full Throttles race at the beginning of the season, the team unfortunately Is out of the points race, although has shown that they are there to win as they dominate at every event they attend.

Sauble Speedways race winner, Chad McGlynn came up tenths of seconds short putting his team number two on the board before the fast five invert. Rounding out your top three, would be the Flamboro Speedway veteran, Kevin Gallant.

The “Flying Farmer” has laid down thousands of laps around Flamboro Speedway, in many different divisions. This proved as we seen the 31 machine look very confident in his qualifying efforts.

Your top five drivers in qualifying were the 54 of Steve Arrand, the 18 of Chad McGlynn, the 31 of Kevin Gallant, the 77 of Alvin McNicol and the 3 of the Tim Tolton. These names do not come as a surprise, as they have shown speed here throughout their years in the series.

At intermission, our LOSC Fast Five went over to the grandstands, to do our “Lucas Oil Fast Five” invert. This left Gallant on the pole, making his first visit to victory lane, that little bit easier. Right from the get-go, Gallant took the lead, maneuvering through lapped traffic while the 54 was knocking on his back door, every chance he could get.

With five cautions coming into play, every restart made for an even more anticipating race. Nearing the completion of the race, your top five continued to be shuffled around, as James and McFerran made their way up to round out your top five, for the last chunk of the race.

Gallant dominating the field, not worried about what was behind him, lead green to checkered, picking up his first race win of the season. This put Gallant on the top of the leader board for your LOSC Championship points, pushing James out of his two week consecutive spot.

After one of the most exciting races of the season, your top five for the Basement Store 100 was Gallant, Arrand, McGlynn, James and our guest, Brandon McFerran. McFerran also picked up our hard charger award, gaining seven positions during the race.

The Flamboro Speedway event, was nothing short of exciting. Jay Doerr was not in attendance, dropping from third to 13th in championship points. This now shuffles your top five, making Gallant your leader by two points, James in second, McGlynn third, McNicol fourth and Hyrnuik Jr in fifth. Although with that being said, our next race at Sunset Speedway will make for a pressured race, as we have gained the information that the 77 team of Alvin McNicol, who currently sits fourth in points, will not be in attendance for the rest of the season, due to an on track incident on Saturday Night.

The last two races for our season will be events you will not want to miss. Make sure you are at Sunset Speedway for the long weekend. Then clear your calendar on September 14th, for our championship night at Flamboro Speedway.

LOSC Ready to Tackle Flamboro Speedway

Posted on: August 17th, 2019

Flamborough, ON – Sunny skies hover Flamboro Speedway as the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series rolls into the gates, ready for their third last race of the season. With Peterborough causing tensions to be high, the pressure is on for the drivers, as they settle in to their points positions.

Your top five consecutively consist of Connor James, Kevin Gallant, Jay Doerr, Alvin McNicol and Chad McGlynn. This weekend will shake up the points standings as the #40 of Jay Doerr is not present, as he is attending an outside event. This will leave Gallant, James, McGlynn and McNicol to battle for your top four. This leaves that fifth spot open, for someone to come and shake up your top five.

A name that frequencies here at Flamboro is your LOSC veteran Chad McGlynn. McGlynn has shown much success here, as last year was your top qualifier for both of our visits. Although Mike Hyrnuik Sr, is still your track record holder from 2016.

Gallant also is a regular here at Flamboro Speedway, being a name that will most likely be a front contender coming into tonight’s race. Gallant races here on a weekly basis in the Super Stock division, making him the driver who has probably turned the most laps here, out of our roster.

James also has shown a lot of success here in the past years of his LOSC career. Winning both 50 lap features in 2017. Add his modified experience as well as his Mini Stock runs here, James is definitely confident at Flamboro, which will put on a good show between our one and two in championship points.

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