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Kenny Wallace Set to Run the Brave Heart 100 at FTMS

Posted on: April 20th, 2019

Durham, Ontario – On April 4th LOSC received the news that the Brave Heart 100 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway was going to be an even more exciting event than we had originally anticipated. On June 8th the 100 lap shoot out will now also include NASCAR star Kenny Wallace. Wallace will be driving the #5, Brandon Huras Racing mount against Ken Schrader and the rest of the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series drivers. As he steps away from his dirt racing schedule for the weekend, Wallace stated that he Is excited to come back up across the border to race alongside some of Ontario’s best.

“I have raced a lot in Canada” Wallace said, “In 1986, 1987 and 1988 I raced at Cayuga {{now known as Jukasa Motor Speedway}} with the ASA series, I also raced with NASCAR there as well up in Montreal and I always have such a great time.” He continued to then explain the creation of the “Fan Car” which was established here in Canada. “We had thousands of people put their name on the car, I really enjoyed the fan engagement, making it my favourite Canadian memory.”

As Wallace is now focusing on his dirt racing career after 25 plus years in NASCAR, Kenny explained to us why he loves to go back to his roots and race at tracks like Full Throttle, “Everybody’s got to have something” He chuckles, “I have a fear of being bored.” Although that is not the only reason he continues to strap up behind the wheel of almost anything, “Racing has been in my family for as long as I can remember, between my father, my brother Rusty and my brother Mike. Although we got our start in Dirt racing, there is just something about those Short Tracks.” Wallace continues, “We all have goals, and my dear friend Ken Schrader, who I will be running with on June 8th, has raced in every state as of last year, and just being able to say, I’ve raced there… has the perfect ring to it.”

While on the topic of Ken Schrader, Wallace explained to us the love he has for being able to share his passion with great friends like Schrader himself. “I refer to him as my other brother” He says, “I have known Ken since I was nine years old.” After racing together in the nation’s premier series, Wallace said there is nothing compared to being able to go back to tracks similar to where it all began for the two of them, “Schrader is the one who called me up about running with you guys in June.” Wallace continues, “He told me about Full Throttle and he did not have to do that much convincing for me to say yes.”

Being able to travel the country and do what he loves to do is a blessing he will never take for granted, but Wallace told us his favourite part about being the personality that he is, is the fan engagement, “It is everything” He started to tell LOSC. “I myself am a fan of other drivers, and I am generally a fan of people, when you admire someone and they acknowledge you, I think it is so important because some of those drivers are peoples hero’s.” Wallace said. “When I see people I admire, like Mario Andretti, like or reply to my tweet, It makes me like him more.” Further on, he explained that the sport needs more likeable drivers, and If he can do little things like sign autographs or come up to Full Throttle and meet some Canadian fans, it is the least he could do, to do his part.

As the date for the Brave Heart 100 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway is quickly approaching, the LOSC team is getting more excited to have such great mile stones in our sport come and race with us on June 8th. From FTMS, 100 All Access passes, Apparel, Meet and Greet plus BBQ with Kenny Wallace and Ken Schrader are available. They are $90+HST at a first come first serve basis and tickets will be not be held. For more information or to order tickets please email

Kenny Schrader Ready to Go Back to His Roots with LOSC

Posted on: April 5th, 2019

Durham, Ontario – Thursday, March 28th 2019 Full Throttle Motor Speedway announced that NASCAR personality Kenny Schrader is scheduled to make his debut appearance at the high banked 1/4 mile speedway on June 8th. Schrader will be showcasing his asphalt skills as he comes back to his short track roots to run the “BraveHeart 100” Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup race in honour of our North Wellington Special Olympic “BraveHeart” team members with some of the veterans and budding talents of LOSC.

“That’s what you started out doing, that’s what you wanted to do” Schrader commented, “I never dreamed about {NASCAR Sprint} Cup racing” Being able to go back to his roots and enjoy local short track racing after he retired, is a privilege he is honoured to have. “I raced with NASCAR close to 30 years, and once that was done I knew I didn’t want to quite racing.”

Although Schrader informed us of his love for dirt track racing, he ensured us that he very much enjoys coming to race on asphalt as well, “you think about every track as just a circle, you need to get around there as fast as you can dirt or asphalt.” Schrader then stated the excitement he receives when he is able to compete around the country. “I like experiencing new tracks over a new car” Schrader says, “I have raced at over 500 different tracks, the cars themselves are just cars, they are all the same. I am always more excited to try something new.”

With Kenny Schrader’s history in the sport and the knowledge he has from traveling the world living every racers dream, he has been able to witness first-hand the health of the sport and the things NASCAR is improving on. “It all starts with the facility” Schrader started out by saying, when you bring a big series to a track, the facility itself needs to accommodate to those running.

“There are very few short tracks that you can hold those kinds of people.” While referring to NASCARS elite series. “Many people focus on our crowd count being low; instead of 130,000 people in the stands, there are 70,000.” While the popularity of the sport being a concern the NASCAR alum brings up a compelling point.

“The main issue is there are few short tracks around that can house a NASCAR crowd of that many people.” Schrader continued, “We are fortunate enough to have some good running short tracks around, although you need to think of every short track like a restaurant, it has to be nice, clean with good service.” He added.

“Just because you have a race track, doesn’t mean you’re supposed to have a big crowd every week.” Said Schrader, “you have to do your part just like any other business. The facility itself plays a big role.” Back a couple of years ago, the short track business was a lot easier, owners would open the gates for race day and the stands were full. However in today’s society, that is just not the case.

“People are more selective now a days on where they are going to spend their entertainment hours.” Schrader added, “To get their attention, the sport as a whole needs to do a better job as expectations are a lot higher now.”

With that being said, as a series the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup is thrilled to have Kenny Schrader join us for one of our toughest races. Gord Bennett and the Full Throttle team are putting in countless efforts to ensure that the BraveHeart 100 is an event you will not want to miss. For the full track experience, There will be 100 available tickets for “All Access VIP Package” including track swag, autograph time and a 1 hour Meet and Greet session with Ken Schrader himself. The LOSC team is very excited to be a part of such an exciting event, that you want to mark your calendars for.

LOSC Rookie Takeover: ROTY preview

Posted on: March 28th, 2019

Over recent years, Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup has noticed a significant increase in young talent rising through the series. Drivers such as Connor James and Michael Hryniuk Jr have proven their success as they are the 2017 and 2018 Rookie of the Year winners, showcasing their technique while battling the veterans of the sport. As we get closer to the 2019 season, we have gotten a glimpse of the new drivers that are joining the series this year.

This season on our potential driver roster we have five rookies signed up to race with us in 2019. Among those five drivers we have the knowledgeable Steve Aubertin and Go-Kart standout Anthony Folino making his Late Model debut. With the series hopefully growing in car counts, we aim to keep the momentum of rookie success.

Alongside the return of the universal Late Model standout Connor James, and LOSC freshman Hryniuk Jr having their rookie strips removed from their hot rods, we now have Anthony Folino, another young gun adding to our driver inventory making the budding talent something you will not want to miss and will hopefully spark an interest in joining the series.

With exciting return of rookie standout Connor James, he is hoping to continue his momentum from 2017. The rookie cliched 2rd in points and his first LOSC victory. Last year James took a break from the series to run LLM at Sunset Speedway and got his feet wet in the NASCAR Pintys Series.

“I am very excited to come back to the series” said James. “Being a competitive team in 2017 was something I wanted to move into 2018, but unfortunately with our weekly campaign, that wasn’t the case.”

James battling week in and week out to figure his #4 LLM out made it a very frustrating season. “It is discouraging for sure, to go from a top 5 car every weekend one season to a top 10 car instead.” The LOSC standout said his debut in the NASCAR Pintys Series is what boosted his confidence, and put him up to scale with some of the hottest drivers in the country. Now coming back to weekly short track racing, James said he is thrilled to get back behind the wheel of his #4 LOSC car.

“I missed racing with the series, there is just something about this car and this class that brings out some good racing.” With a full schedule ahead and a championship in sight, James says it is important to try and continue to bring the younger generations into the sport.

“To have guys like myself and Mike Hryniuk Jr run against these short track veterans, makes it seem realistic that we can compete, and we could really use more young guns in the class, to see this series soar.”

After talking with 2018 LOSC Rookie of the Year Michael Hryniuk Jr, he said he agrees and is excited to see the series grow with all the new entrants listed for 2019. He learned from his competitors last year and hopes to continue his teams momentum, “For it being my first year in a stock car, I was very impressed with how it went, and I plan to do the same in 2019.” Hryniuk said. Moreover the 2018 newcomer said that he’s excited to have more competition while going into his sophomore year in the series.

“I learned a lot, and if it weren’t for the veterans, I wouldn’t have learned as much as I did last year” Jr continues, “I definitely learned to respect the race car and the people that race in the sport, it seems so simple when watching but once you get behind the wheel it’s an entire different animal.”

When it comes to the honour of winning the ROTY award in 2018, Jr is grateful for his opportunities. “I hope the next driver winning the award has the support I did, and the family oriented drive to succeed. Winning ROTY definitely felt good, our team hit our goals for the 2018 season and as a new driver, I gained a lot of confidence, which I hope follows into this upcoming season, racing against guys with lots of years under their belts.”

As the 2019 season starts to quickly approach us, the #15 team has the confidence that they have what it takes to achieve every goal they have in sight, “My goals for the 2019 season is to get as much seat time as possible, also hoping to be more competitive this year as well as working towards my first win!”

With five new freshman drivers, were excited to see what 2019 has in store for the series. Between young blood and veteran wars, this will be a year of very exciting racing. As we start to see the numbers increase in the series, we only hope that we see changes in determination and a variety of drivers in victory lane this year.

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